WS Workshop
Accessibility Lab
with @prob4bile
26.05.2022 h 14-18

According to the WHO (the World Health Organization) 20% of the global population has a permanent or temporary disability. So why don’t we consider this when we communicate? And if we add to the disabilities characteristics of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, we discover how many things there are to consider in order to be inclusive. Precisely for this reason it is increasingly important to use a welcoming language in daily life, a language free from prejudice and stereotypes, capable of representing and involving every person.
How to refer to a certain category? How to create an accessible product? What precautions to keep in mind when we speak, write, design, lay out graphics, communicate?
Moving from theory to practice, there are numerous tools and best practices to make your content accessible to everyone. The purpose of the “Accessibility Lab” Workshop with Francesca Musolino is therefore to learn how to use and validate accessible and inclusive languages and contents, to apply them to daily life.
This 4-hour workshop will take place in person. To participate, you must register by the midnight of 25.05 via email to Places will be limited to 20 participants and the cost is 20 euros per person.

Francesca Musolino is a freelance communication and accessibility manager. She works with cultural institutions and bodies on the construction and promotion of projects, events and exhibitions. In 2021 she was certified as a CPACC (Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competences) which today allows her to create accessible communication content, with the aim of making it available to the greatest number of people regardless of their ability.