Stiftung Sparkasse

The preservation of cultural monuments is a significant task that we have to accomplish for the benefit of the whole region and the next generations. Historical buildings are witnesses to earlier times, making history tangible and giving our towns and villages a distinctive character. Architectural monuments create identity and provide reliable landmarks for orientation. Utilising old buildings, taking an interest in their history and sensitively reconstructing them increases the quality of life. The Foundation Südtiroler Sparkasse is proud to have made a cultural heritage site such as the Waaghaus in the centre of Bolzano available to the citizens again and to have given it a new life.

For having accomplished this task, special thanks go to Gerhard Brandstätter, who as president of the foundation signed the sales contract with the Municipality of Bolzano in 2009, to Karl Pichler, under whose presidency the concept of use for the building was drawn up, and to Klaus Widmann, who as chairman of the Waaghaus association coordinated the building in terms of cultural content. Last but not least, great thanks are due to architect Wolfgang Piller, who carried out the restoration work, and to all the excellent craftsmen. This building is an impressive example for the quality of South Tyrolean craftsmanship and local building mastery! 

The Foundation Südtiroler Sparkasse, as owner of the property, would be delighted if all the actors of the most diverse cultural fields based at the Waaghaus were soon to succeed in establishing the house as a reference point of cultural production within the Euregio and to allow the citizens to take part in it. The house may thus be accepted and perceived as a common property.

Prof. Konrad Bergmeister
President of the Foundation Südtiroler Sparkasse