WS CALL 2023 | Frail Hearts Stories | Project presentation by Weigh Station

29/11/2023 - h. 18:00 - h. 20:00 -

Weigh Station / Waag +2

Space for the winning projects of WS Call 2023.
The Frail Hearts Stories project centres its entire structure on two simple basics: creating a safe place and self-expression. Frail Hearts Stories is a book (Love Concept), a workshop and an exhibition.
Appointment with the presentation on Wednesday 29 November. On this occasion, the illustrations from the book (available to read in Italian, English and German) and the results of the workshop will be exhibited in the space of Weigh Station from 6 p.m. and presented by the creators.

The exhibition will be open to the public until 6.12.23 at Weigh Station.