Open Mic by SIDEWALK Bolzano

17/12/2022 - h. 20:00 -

Open mic with featured artist Filippo Contatore (Performing Movements with a Sword)

WAAG Event / WAAG -1

Feature artist: Filippo Contatore (Performing Movements with a Sword)

The Open Mic is for everyone!

We welcome all forms of self-expression on stage, bring your instruments, poetry, theatrical pieces, stand up…whatever form of expression you’re into these days… The only limit is time (5 minutes), to allow each of you to share their art.

The Open Mic will start at 20.00 and we will take sign-ups starting from 19:00 – a team member will guide you through the registration. If you want to perform please come early and drop us a message as well.
For any questions or special requests for your performance reach us at or on our social media accounts.

Sidewalk was born with the need and desire to create spaces of self-expression where they were lacking.
Sidewalk is a participatory, safe and open space where the line between the stage and the public is blurred.
Sidewalk is a place where all forms of art are welcome and experimentation is encouraged, allowing for different mediums and artistic languages to intertwine and to coexist.
Sidewalk is fertile ground for collaboration.