WS Instrumenta + CHI C’È C’È! – About Art Work


In the context of BAW Bolzano Art Weeks a special “CHI C’È C’È!” aims to deepen the current situation around professions in the artistic field and the mechanisms underlying contemporary artistic production from different points of view.
Weigh Station and the Faculty of Economics and Management – unibz, in collaboration with the curators of the “Art Work” exhibition Stefano Riba and Roberto Farneti, propose an activity program that amplifies the contents of the works on display at Waag. The afternoon will start with a series of WS Instrumenta — one-to-one consultations with experts related to creative and cultural professions. It will be followed by a talk moderated by Federica Viganò that will depart from the results of the first sector survey carried out by AWI Art Workers Italia in collaboration with ACTA dedicated to the analysis of working conditions in the field of contemporary art. The panellists — Eleonora Castagna, Veronica Veronesi, Jessica Tanghetti, and Ivan Carozzi — will engage in analyses and reflections on creative professions. Following a live set by Fabrizio Vatieri open to all.