WS CALL 2022 – BLAUER SCHNIPSEL book presentation

30/11/2022 - h. 18:00 - h. 20:00 -

On 30.11 Blauer Schnipsel – one of the 3 winning projects of WS Call 2022 by Weigh Station – presents the book, fresh off the press, which tells the story of the project. We are waiting for you at Casa della Pesa!

Blauer Schurz is the typical workwear of South Tyrol. Until the beginning of the last century it was white in color, only in the early 1900s was it replaced by blue. This only goes to show that tradition is anything but immobile. With “Blauer Schnipsel”, through a series of graphic-tailoring workshops, the team reinterprets tradition starting from its own “wastefullness” in order to bring young people closer to an element of local history, opening a dialogue not only about what it is but above all about what it could become.
With the support of Weigh Station, their journey has resulted into a publication, a documented case study, which deepens the historical research on Blauer Schurz. The book, describing the current production processes and the value produced by the laboratories in quantitative and qualitative terms, demonstrates the expressive potential of the “waste” and the scalability and adaptability of the process on different industrial activities.

Team: Adele Buffa, Andrea Righetto, Rocco Modugno