WAAG Slam #1

23/12/2022 - h. 20:00 -

Poetry slam night.

WAAG Event / WAAG -1

Bolzano opens a new poetry slam stage, the Waag Slam in the Waaghaus – the first multilingual poetry slam stage in South Tyrol! On the opening night Anja De Falco, Alex “Giovi” Giovanelli, Silva Manzardo, Lena Simonetti, Ania Viero and the poet Eeva Aichner will show what they are made of. They will perform their self-written lyrics, with a time limit and no costumes or other props. What matters are the words.
Who will win? The public decides it.

You’re the only one missing! Would you like to perform your own lyrics? Apply or show up anyway! Register by writing to: office@waaghaus.eu We look forward to seeing you!

MC: Lene Morgenstern & Andrea Polato
Music: Manny Pardeller
Featuring Poet: Eeva Aichner

(Almost) free entry. Bring one orange with you!

Waag Slam is a WAAG project in collaboration with Südtiroler Autorinnen-und Autorenvereinigung SAAV.