ELETTROTAPE live in concert

18/02/2023 - h. 20:30 -

Elettrotape live in concert.

Waag event / Waag -1 (basement)

Pay as you wish

Booking is strongly recommended: office@waaghaus.eu T +39 0471 095099

Bologna-Vienna. This connection can only produce something good, many people might say. And also the two musicians Daniele Volcan and Giacomo Barchetta from Italy – based in Bologna – were enthusiastic about founding a band with a singer from Vienna – the world capital of music. So with the addition of Annika Prey, Elettrotape was born in the turmoil of the pandemic. During the last two years, a series of songs were composed and helped form the band. With reworked 80s vibes and a modern wall-of-sound approach, Elettrotape found its current shape and was brought to life. After the first singles Empty Pool and Colin and together with the addition of their fourth band member Valentino Monti, the band releases their third single Cold Winter (3 Feb 2023, LasVegas Records), followed by a remix and their first EP in April 2023.