24/02/2023 - h. 08:00 - h. 09:00 -

Weigh Station/Waag +2

Friday 24 February is time for the second appointment in Bolzano with the international network “CreativeMornings”: a breakfast at Weigh Station once a month, parallel to 226 other cities in 67 countries around the world.
Take an hour for yourself before starting work, coffee and contents are on us, don’t forget to bring the cup! In February, the proposed theme is “TOUCH” and Moritz Bonatti, performer and audiovisual producer, will guide us through it.
Starting from the philosophical approach of Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Nancy, Moritz Bonatti will explore in a short lecture-performance what TOUCH can mean. He will examine that touching brings with it the experience of limit and encounter. Every relationship – whether intimate or social – inhabits this space “in between” and shows that closeness exists only thanks to distance. This reflection will lead us through a bodily search for the infinite possibilities of collective space.

Moritz Bonatti, born in Bolzano in 1987, studied Cultural and Social Anthropology in Austria and France. After completing his studies he discovered a passion for dance and performance labs in Germany, Austria and Italy. He assisted at the workshop of the Japanese choreographer and performer Minako Seki with whom he collaborates to this day, and has followed the work of the dancers Ko Morobushi, Yuko Kaseki, and Keith Hennessy. Moritz Bonatti lives in Bolzano and works as a producer in the audiovisual sector.