23/05/2024 - h. 08:00 - h. 09:00 -

Weigh Station / Waag+3

We’ll be exploring the theme of VIBRANT with architect, colour consulatant and interior designer Monica Doniselli at the next CreativeMornings meeting: hosted once a month at Weigh Station for breakfast, connecting with over 200 cities in 67 countries around the world.

When was the last time you experienced something that made you feel more alive? Heard a melody pulsing with a beat that made your body move. Taken in the view of a lush landscape or sparkling city skyline bursting with light and shadows. Locked eyes with a striking stranger. Poured yourself into prose that crackles off the page with electricity. Lost track of time in a conversation punctuated by spirited laughter. Stopped in your tracks in front of a canvas in a museum or a mural on the street with colours so bold and bright it popped from the paint straight into your synapses.

It might not happen every day. But you can live a life full of energy and enthusiasm. You can strive to bring brightness into every interaction. Because our world is full of all kinds of vibrant masterpieces. And you are one of them.


May – The Speaker
After graduating from classical high school in 1977, obtaining a diploma from the IED in Interior Design in 1980, and graduating from the Milan Polytechnic in 1984, and gaining experience at various architecture studios, Monica Doniselli ArchiMoDo Architecture Atelier was founded in the early 1990s.
From 1996 to 2006 she taught Interior Architecture for the Municipality of Milan. Her professional activities are mainly those of design, oriented towards residential building with renovations of villas, farmhouses and flats in different regions of Italy, not excluding interventions also to offices, beauty centres and a veterinary clinic.
Since 2013, starting with a 1st and 2nd level master’s degree with the IACC International Association of Colour Consultants, Monica has been exploring the subject of colour, which has always fascinated her.
Since then and still today she examines this topic through specific associations such as the Colour Laboratory of the Polytechnic of Milan, NCS, Order of Architects and others.