26/05/2023 - h. 08:00 - h. 09:00 -

Weigh Station / Waag +2

Friday, May 26 is the fifth Bolzano meeting with the international “Creative Mornings” network: once a month at Weigh Station for breakfast, connecting with more than 200 cities in 67 countries around the world.

Take an hour for you before you start your work, we put coffee and content on it, don’t forget the cup! In May, the proposed theme is “ACCEPTANCE,” and we will discuss it over breakfast with Raffaela Vanzetta, pedagogue and psychotherapist.

“Acceptance of the other, of the different, of those who do not fit into our codes and our idea of normality, is difficult for many. Acceptance means making space, revising one’s beliefs, and questioning one’s ” normality.” In the last two decades, we have witnessed a restriction of body ideals, which are becoming narrower, and more uniform. There is no room for diversity, variety, or multiplicity. The body that does not correspond to the ideals normed by society is subjected to continuous judgment.”

Raffaella Vanzetta, at this breakfast, will also introduce us to the “Respect Every-Body” campaign, carried out in South Tyrol, which aims to counteract judgment, and useless and superficial comments and to encourage anyone who wants to participate, to create spaces that are free of comments about the body.

Raffaela Vanzetta, a psychotherapist, has been coordinating the eating disorders center at the Prevention Forum since 2008, passionately devoting herself to accompanying family members and passing on her skills in multiple trainings.