CHI C’È C’È WS Call 2023 PING PONG by Weigh Station

22/03/2023 - h. 18:00 - h. 21:00 -

Weight Station/Waag +2

A mini PING PONG tournament to celebrate WS Call 2023. Are you planning to participate in WS Call 2023? On March 22nd from 18:00, in the Weigh Station office, during the tournament you can take the opportunity to ask the WS team everything about the call but most importantly… surprise! Whoever wins the tournament will be able to participate in WS Call 2023 for free.
Doubts, questions, perplexities? This is your time to resolve them before send your project and your chance to win free participation.

Tournament rules:
1. Everybody can participate, even individually and even if you are not going to participate in WS Call 2023, just for play!
2. If you win and take part in WS Call 2023, you will not have to pay the registration fee for the Call
3. To participate in the tournament, you must register by 21.03 at 24:00 commenting with your name on the ig post / by sending an email to
4. Only 1 member per project team for WS Call 2023 can register
5. Beers with free offer
Register, we are waiting for you!