CHI C’È C’È – SUMMER CONCERT by Weigh Station

12/07/2023 - h. 19:00 - h. 22:00 -

Piazza del Grano/Kornplatz

Summer time it’s SUMMER Concert time! The traditional Weigh Station summer concert in Piazza del Grano is coming. HEY SIS will perform live, followed by a DJ set by Kandeesha. Here’s what you can expect:

Not just one, but five front women. Harmonic voices are combined with electronic sounds and funky grooves. 2020 they have released their new album, however, they are continuously evolving new music together. HEY SIS invites their audience to a melodic energy that must be experienced in person.

Stuck between national borders and nostalgia, she has found a home in music. Her sets are a mix of ‘second generation’, mainly techno music from SWANA and Europe.

You can bring the sun, see you there!