CHI C’È C’È! – SUMMER Concert by Laeds


15.06.2022 h 18
Piazza del Grano / Kornplatz

This year we are very impatient and so already in June it is time for a SUMMER CONCERT! We meet in Piazza del Grano on June 15 at 18:00, to light up the evening LAEDS are live with us: Lollo (Drums / Cajon / Vocals), Raferio (Guitar), Ema (Vocals / Guitar), Gege (Bass), and Dam (Violin / Keys / Vocals).

Waiting for the release of their next album in autumn 2022, they will bring to Weigh Station their whole history: from the first home-recorded album “Salvage” — that contains more love and attention than they would have ever thought — passing through the live album “Left in the Cells” from 2018 recorded at the concert in the former Brixen prison transformed into the “Tschumpus” theater, up to the double concept-ep of which the first part, “Homestage”, was published in 2019 telling six stories of six characters just to point out the things that go wrong around them. Waiting for the second part, “Bone Cage”, that is fresh out of the studio and ready for release there is a taste of the single “Still Untouched” released in 2021 with a video animated by Laeds themselves and the single “The Light Shedder” released just a few days ago!
The entry is free for all!