16/12/2022 - h. 08:00 -

Last creative breakfast of the year at WS is coming! Once a month, an appointment for breakfast at 8:00 to start the day in the best possible way. Take an hour for yourself before work, we’ll take care of coffee and contents, bring along a cup!
For this third appointment the chosen theme is “Gift-giving”, we are waiting for you at Casa della Pesa with our guest Elisabeth Tauber, social anthropologist expert in “begging economies” who in her research analyses the meaning and effects of exchanging gifts in these practices.

The “Kula ring” was a ceremony held in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between 18 different local communities. It involved thousands of people and this ceremonial exchange of objects inspired thousands of pages of scholarly studies. The topic of gift and the rituals attached to it is still a fascinating and complicated subject especially if we think of it in reference to the pacifying effect of the gifts exchange. The possibility of giving gifts as a means of avoiding conflicts, and even war, is as relevant today as it was then.

For this breakfast you are invited to bring a small object that is meaningful to you, to explore the value of gift exchange and to learn about the different types of relationships that can be created through it. Admission is free and we assure you that at 9:00 you will already be at your desk energised and ready to start your work!