WAAG Open Doors

15/12/2022 - h. 18:00 -

Guided tours will start at 6PM and 7PM.

Interdisciplinary performance and guided tour

WAAG Event

Casa della Pesa opens its doors, inviting the public to enter its spaces and discover what the historic walls of one of the oldest and most fascinating city buildings contain.
The appointment is for Thursday 15 December from 6PM to 8PM. The public will be able to enter the rooms on the second and third floors of the building and attend a performance which will be held every 15 minutes and which will see music, dance and acting intertwine, thanks to the collaboration between Max Castlunger, Lene Morgenstein and Elisabeth Ramoser, with lights by Mattia Dall’Oca.
At 6PM and 7PM the guided tours by Mirko Frainer will unravel the fascinating story of the Casa della Pesa by leading the public through the recently renovated spaces, in search of the historical traces of the long life of the palace.

You can book the visit by writing to office@waaghaus.eu.